Nevermore image

Pete Bish

Music Director
Curtis Moeller

April Rozier

Stage Manager
Lindsey Longcor

July 28-Aug. 5

HIS DARKEST STORY WAS HIS OWN... Take a dark, mysterious, musical journey into the heart and soul of Edgar Allan Poe, America’s first truly visionary poet. This story of love, personal demons and self-discovery delves into the mind of Poe with disturbing yet relatable charm. Poe’s poetry is transformed into soaring musical numbers creating a timeline that lures the audience into his world.

By Jonathan Christenson
Original orchestration by Jonathan Christenson
Additional orchestration by Matthew Skopyk

"Greasepaint Youth Theatre presents the local premiere, with a superb cast composed of high school and college aged kids who throw themselves into the material with sheer abandonment. The end result is intriguing, provoking, and highly entertaining."

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The Cast
  Bennett Wood - Edgar Allan Poe  
The Players
Jacob Shore
Mark Munoz
Matthew Villareal
Hailey Palmer
Lucia Williams
Taylor Penn
Liam Thibeault
Grant Roberts
Zac Denious
Paige Corbin
Savannah Thompson
Johnna Watson