Magical Elf Delivers Early Christmas Present


Magical Elf Delivers Early Christmas Present

Our Elf Jr production wrapped on Sunday the 17th, after a two cast, ten show run that brought a snow globe full of laughs and smiles to a very Christmasy Stagebrush Theater. Kudos to our amazing artistic staff  – Dale, Leslie, April, Olivia, Savannah, Michael, Ben, Tom, Pete, Maria and Mickey – for somehow pulling off the infamous “two cast trick,” brilliantly directing,  choreographing, clothing, organizing and equipping more than fifty children to bring the story of Buddy the Elf to life.  

If you don’t know the story (of, Buddy the Elf… ♪♪♪), and have somehow missed a compulsory festive family viewing of the Will Ferrell “classic,” Buddy Hobbs, a human, sneaks into Santa’s sack as a baby, grows up in the North Pole thinking he’s an Elf, discovers he’s not, heads to New York to meet his real Dad, finds him, loses a script, gains a family, falls in love, blows it, recovers it and somehow gets New Yorkers to rediscover their lost Christmas spirit.  All in 70 minutes.  Time to breath?  Fu-ge-da-bout-it.

You couldn’t pull off a show like this without a brilliant Buddy, and luckily we had two.  Casey Likes and Andy Wissink were such incredible, sparkle, jolly, twinkle, jingly leads of the red cast and green cast respectively, ably supported by two wonderful casts of local elves, New Yorkers, workers, Hobbs family members, santas, fake santas and a business villain, all the way from Chicago. It was cast that was blessed not only with Christmas spirit, but the most awesome of tech crews and “happy all the time” Savannah as stage manager:)

Thank-you cast and staff for your commitment to not only making every show such a joy, but also to your community.  Both casts put on a free show for well-deserving members of our local community that included students from some Title 1 schools, and residents of both the Shea PARC skilled nursing facility and Villa Ocotillo Assisted Living. We really appreciate you coming to see our show and loved performing for you all.  As Jovie sang, you really should “never fall in love with an Elf” but we did – and hope you all did too.  Merry Christmas!