“Fight” Club at Greasepaint with John Rich

September 8th-November 24th

Every Sunday from 11:15am-12:15pm

Ages 13-18

The first rule of “Fight” Club is… SAFETY FIRST! 

Greasepaint is proud to present its “Fight” Club stage combat workshop! 

This class will cover the basics of unarmed combat including:

  1. How to “sell” punches, slaps and kicks. 
  2. Safety  
  3. Falls and throws
  4. Safety
  5. Grappling
  6. Safety
  7. Safety on-stage during fight scenes
  8. Chokes
  9. Safety!

Students will be taught a range of basic techniques including accurate reactions, the importance of correct angles in relation to an audience, staging and misdirection.  All students will then have the opportunity to practice a choreographed and staged fight scene! There will be a final performance on the last day of class. 

Dress comfortably for movement, come willing to learn and be safe, come with an open mind and come with your performing creativity in tow!

Rule number two… Talk to everyone you know and tell them all about Greasepaint’s “Fight” Club! 

See you center stage!

“Fight” Club at Greasepaint with John Rich

Tickets $150