Our Mission

Serving Scottsdale and surrounding communities, Greasepaint Youtheatre programming is designed to develop the life skills and aesthetic knowledge that Youth will carry with them both as Artists and Audiences of Tomorrow.  Our mission is to provide unique and compelling theatre experiences that educate and challenge young people to stretch the boundaries of imagination and awareness and achieve a positive sense of self. In addition, we consider the nurturing of professional talent in the Valley to be core to our work, providing employment opportunities to more than 50 local artists each season, with an emphasis on hiring alumni of our programs.

Our Philosophy

Greasepaint Youtheatre’s philosophy is to provide child-centered programming, founded in arts curriculum and national standards for the performing arts. This professionally-designed programming, taught by expert teaching artists, creates an environment which provides a safe and open forum for each student interested in experiencing the Arts to personally explore new and exciting forms, while at the same time, building life skills they will display in the community.

Our Programs

Each program will have a purpose, a focus, and serve the community as a whole, while also providing Greasepaint with a population of eager and talented student-performers who will demonstrate those skills by helping create a piece of live theatre.

Our Staff

Producing Artistic Director:

Maureen Dias-Watson

7020 E. 2nd Street,

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(480) 949-7529

Board of Directors:

Lance Ross, President

Kristin Stewart, Vice President

Jesse Eller, Treasurer

Dr. Anne Marie Cosijns, Secretary of the Board

Maureen Dias-Watson

Anna Lock

Steve Gleave

Lisa Christian

Advisory Board:

Martha Wasserman

Christine & Luis Gonzalez

Dr. Henri Sanel

Parent Board 2018-19:

Naomi Kaselow

Erik & Kelli Luther

Tanya & Steve Alker

Adam & Stacey Feldman

Steve & Theresa Tornquist

Joe & Teresa Swingler

Jay & Traci Danek

Shanna Altermann

Alum Board 2017-18:

Savannah Thompson

Breagh Watson

Hale Stewart

In Memory of our supporters, friends and fellow board members:

Daniel Schay

David Strang

Barry Smith

Kurt Bloeser