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Greasepaint After-School Program

Teachers, do your schools or extracurricular groups have a theatre arts program? We would love to help you by bringing our Greasepaint After-School program to your kids, at your school!

There is an affordable, effective way to get your students involved in creative, educational after-school activities that expand their growing minds, enhance critical thinking and teach practical skills through real fun and personal exploration.

It’s our time-tested Greasepaint After-School program. But, wait, there’s more!  Any of our workshops can be completely customized to address your specific requirements. We offer a range of packages, from one-day workshops to year-round programs. Just tell us what you need. We’ll design a tailor-made course of study that will capture your students’ attention and imagination to produce real and lasting results.

If you would like to participate in our after-school program, please download all of the following forms:


All of these forms must be completed prior to attending the program. You can bring them with you on your first day, or email the completed forms to moedias@greasepaint.org.