Season Donors

As we begin gearing up for our 2018-2019 VIP Donor Drive, (Watch for the new brochure!), We want to thank all of the families and friends who were our VIP donors last season! Thank You!


Nothing That We Do Here At SCP/Greasepaint Would Be Possible Without The Following People:


Season Sponsors ($5,000 – $10,000)

The Arizona Diamondbacks

Feldman/Royle Law Firm

The Dale Wasserman Foundation



VIP Donors


$2,500 – $4,999

The Altermann Family


$1,000 – $2,499

Jay & Traci Danek

The Katsenes Family

John and Naomi Berry

George Boutell

Ellon Spear


The Swingler Family

The Beckman Family

Robert Smith

Michael & Kathleen Denious

Steve Gleave & Naomi Kaselow

Karl & Di Obergh

Kristen Stewart & Family

$500 – $999

John & Jennifer Rawicz

Steven and Heather Cook

Kurt  & Kelli Luther

Pam Kirby

Karen Lytle

Ken & Ellie Sachs

John & Margaret Hoffmaster

Sondra & John Vanella

Judy Rollings

Steve & Tanya Alker

$250 – $499

The Filipowicz Family

Scott Durgan & Rachel Ensminger

Henry Sanel & Anne Marie Cosijns

Larry & Michael Tichavsky

Cheryl & Ed Sucato

Mike & Lanie Angus

Richard & Connie Giordano

Heidi Watson & Family

The Wissink Family

James Farrell & Jessica Hirshorn

Lois & Stan Goldberg

Brian & Stephanie Yampolsky

Mark & Heidi Snyders

David Parrish

Ethan And Anna Lock

$100 – $249

The Kirkorsky Family

James & Kim Williams

Edward Whiffin

Sandra Le

Phyllis O’Dell

Kevin And Laura Merritt

Jamie Volker

In Kind Donations From The Following Individuals Also Tremendously Help To Support Greasepaint! Thank You:

John Penn, Lisa Christian, Chris Klonoski, Sue Thompson, Teresa Swingler

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