Both in and outside the theatre, the alumni of Greasepaint Youtheatre continue to take the spotlight throughout the Valley

and across the country!

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Rebecca Caswell

Becca Bauer

Jacob Shore

Danny Epstein 

Ali Getz

Lizzie Baggleman

Cameron Benton

Tyler J. Gasper

Bailey Smith

Breagh Watson

Jennie Rhiner

Tony Julian

Brett Moellenberg

Elysha Nemeth

Kelsey Casselbury

Rachel Redleaf

Jennifer Deye

Hannah Zieser

Josh Kirkorsky

Jack Rose

Caitlin Stegemoller

Marissa Chin

Mike Heslin

Paul Michael Thomson

Tami Simmons

TroyElan Richardson

Betty Weinberger

Jacob Stovall

Bethany Baca

Connor Baker