The Poet And The Rent by David Mamet

Directed by Joycelin Jacobs-Schwartz


David, a young poet behind in his rent and about to be evicted, improvises poems for money in the park. He is scorned by the public and he falls in love with a young woman who will have nothing to do with him. He becomes a nightwatchman and is robbed by thieves talk him into joining them. Apprehended by the police and jailed, he is visited by a man who heard his poems– an ad executive who offers David a job writing ad copy for Wacko, noxious gook for cars. Faced with his first existential choice, he decides to languish in jail rather than promote Wacko. The young woman pays his bail and rent. She still finds him socially undesirable, but feels all good citizens should support the arts. A better man, David returns to his pen and paper.


Reese Cantu
Savannah Farr
Parker Pitt
Isabella Santoni
Declan Skaggs
Sienna Stoll
Zach Snyders
Evan Vance
Sydney Vance
Mary Zimmerman
Nathan . Sullivan

The Poet And The Rent by David Mamet

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