2017, Season



Shiver me timbers! Jeremy Jacobs’ talent for building sand castles and digging moats has earned him an invitation to join the crew of Braid Beard’s ship. Living the high life at sea, Jeremy trades manners for mayhem as he rolls in stolen treasure, sings sea chanteys, and practices buccaneer banter with his new pirate pals.

Argh! It’s a grand adventure. That is, until Jeremy remembers all the things he left behind, such as bedtime stories, hugs and goodnight kisses. And, what about soccer practice tomorrow? Surely, the pirates can be convinced to take him home!

Adapted from the best-selling children’s book by Melinda Long and illlustrated by David Shannon, this is a musical fantasy about imaginative play, friends and friendship, cooperation and teamwork, understanding differences and appreciating home and family. Ahoy, matey! Come aboard!



Photography by Laura Durant