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2012-2013, Season, Show


Thirteen year-old Edwina Spoonapple would do anything to be a part of the Kalamazoo Advice-a-palooza Festival. When a talent scout from the convention visits her hometown of Paw Paw, she trots out her musical advice giving shows live from the family garage in hopes of finding her place in the spotlight. Edwina is assisted by her older siblings and a host of quirky friends. Together they set out to tackle the world’s problems, in number after hysterical number about everything from birthday party etiquette to the proper way to set a table.


Artistic Staff


Jodie Weiss

Stage Manager

Tracy Bailey

Sound Design

Peter Bish

Musical Director

Mary Ellen Loose

Set Design

Larry Siroky

Props Design

Angela Boucher


Marissa Rodgers &

Tasha Spear

Lighting Design

Bob Nelson

Cast (Listed Alphabetically)

Maddie Alfano – Susie

Abbie Anderson – Ensemble

Izzy Bernstein – Ensemble

Camille Bischoff – Ensemble

Addison Bowman – Edwina

Katie Brown – Periwinkle

Alexa Buttafuoco – Annie

Carly Cairns – Ensemble

Keira Cohen – Ensemble

Brenden Fallaire – Bobby

Maggie Gable – Ensemble

Sabrina Hirshorn – Sara, Stage Manager

Caroline Johnson – Ensemble

Katie Kort – Debbie

Jared Lara – Scott

Berkeley Lock – Katie

Reno Lock – Sam

McKenzie Mahay – Jamie

Madison Mahay – Korbi

Olivia Parker-Swenson – Kelli

Savannah Powers – Linde

Raechel Rawicz – Harriett

Simone Rawicz – Ensemble

Zachary Reinke – Lars

Nicolette Sciortino – Aphrodite

Olivia Siroky – Carrie

Hayden Skaggs – Billy

Amanda Slate – Lola

Wren Smetana – Ensemble

Katherine Sprowls – MarySue

Rebecca Steiner – Ziggy

Matthew Steward – Ensemble

Madeline Wessel – Becky

Astrid Westberg – Abigail

Katharine Wilhelmsen – Cordell, Stage Manager

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