Les Miserables


Les Miserables

Jean Valjean, a quiet man of great strength and genuine compassion, escapes from his prison after 19 years,

While Valjean only wishes to live a just life, he is harried by the zealous agent of the French state, Javert.

Valjean cares for Fantine, a factory worker who is dying. She gives birth to a daughter, Cossette, whom Valjean adopts and vows to protect as his own.

Struggling to escape Javert, to survive the chaotic world of post-Napoleanic France, and to protect Cossette, Valjean is swept into the convulsive, revolutionary spasms of history.

As all seems lost, he comes upon a  group of young idealists in the streets of Paris, determined to make their last stand for freedom.  Here, Valjean finds truth, meaning and home.


AriZoni Awards:


Best Overall Production – Youth Musical

Best Direction – Youth Musical

Best Musical Direction – Youth Musical

Best Choreography – Youth Musical

Best Actor – Youth Musical

Best Actress – Youth Musical

Best Supporting Actor – Youth Musical

Best Supporting Actress – Youth Musical

Best Sound Design – Youth Musical

Best Hair and Makeup – Youth Musical



Photography by Laura Durant