The Wiz

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2010-2011, Season, Show

The Wiz

In this fun, funky musical version of “The Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy, the girl from Kansas is blown by a tornado into Munchkinland in the wonderful Land Of Oz.

While there she meets the Scarecrow, the Tinman & the Cowardly Lion on the Yellow Brick Road. She defeats the evil witch and goes to see the powerful Wizard who turns out to be a big phoney.

Still, he is able to convince Dorothy she can do anything she wants if she just believes in herself.


Artistic Staff



D. Scott Withers

Asst. Director

Kelly Crews

Lighting Design & Stage Manager

Samantha Bostwick

Hair & Makeup Design

Johanna Carlisle

Musical Director 

Reynaldo Saenz

Set Design

 David Weiss

Sound Design

Brett Aiken


Laurie Trygg

Asst. to the Choreographer

Chandra Crudup

Costume Design

Kelly Dwyer

Props Design

 Eric Chapman

Cast (Listed Alphabetically)

Asijah Adolph - Dorothy

Connor Baker - Tornado, Munchkin 2, Mouse, Emerald City (EC) Citizen, Winkie

Elliot Brietta - Tornado, Yellow Brick Road, 3rd EC Citizen, Winkie, Quadling

Will Bates - Tornado, Crow, 4th EC Citizen, Winkie, Quadling, Lord High Underling

Maxx Carlisle-King - Tornado, Yellow Brick Road, EC Citizen, Winkie, Quadling

Katie Cook - Glinda, Tornado, Yellow Brick Road, Poppy, EC Citizen, Winkie

Courtney Echols - Tornado, Yellow Brick Road, Poppy, EC Citizen, Winkie

Tyler Gasper - Tornado, Crow, Head Gate Keeper (an EC Citizen), Winkie

Bransen Gates - Tin Man

Mary Ruth Kokali - Tornado, Munchkin 8, Crow, EC Citizen, Winkie

Josh Kikorsky - Tornado, Stranger #1, 2nd EC Citizen, Winkie

Ryan Kitkowski - Uncle Henry, Stranger #5, Tornado, Crow, EC Citizen, Messenger, Winkie, Quadling

Anne-Lise Koyabe - Aunt Em, Stranger #2, EC Citizen, Winkie

Jameelah Lee - Tornado, Yellow Brick Road, Poppy, EC Citizen, Winkie

Andrey Lull - Tornado, Munchkin 6, Mouse, EC Citizen, Winkie

Megan Mahoney - Tornado, Crow, Poppy, EC Citizen, Winkie

Rhetta Mykeal - Addaperle, EC Citizen, Winkie

Alex Partida - Tornado, Munchkin 7, Crow, EC Citizen, Winkie

Vincent Pontarelli - Lion

Nicole Rubin - Tornado, Crow, Poppy, 5th EC Citizen, Winkie

Celine Sanel - Tornado, Munchkin 4, Mouse 1, EC Citizen, Winkie

Orly Schlesinger - Evillene, Tornado, EC Citizen

Baylor Sezate - Scarecrow

Annelise Silva - Tornado, Stranger #4, Poppy, 4th EC Citizen, Winkie

Aubrey Taylor - Tornado, Munchkin 3, Crow, EC Citizen, Winkie

Paul Thomson - Wiz, Tornado

Michael Villegas - Tornado, Strange #3, EC Citizen, Winged Monkey, Winkie

Johnna Watson - Tornado, Munchkin 5, Mouse 2, EC Citizen, Winkie

Elizabeth Weinberger - Tornado, Yellow Brick Road, Poppy, EC Citizen, Winkie

Libby Willis - Tornado, Crow, Poppy, EC Citizen, Winkie

Zoe Zamora - Tornado, Munchkin 1, Crow, EC Citizen, Winkie


Photography by Laura Durant